Tall Tales

The coast guard reported a high tide flood warning that the 3am after the hurricane we just had was going to be high enough to lift the marina's floating dock off its mooring. Our group decided it would be a good idea to stay on the dock "just in case" we needed to move our boats. Well the Karaoke machine was set up, and needless to say, by 3am we wouldn't have been able to move the boats anyway!! CJ - Virginia

Actually . . . I hate karaoke. I lived my nightmare twice, when I was a designated driver for two different bachelorette parties that were both at a karaoke bar. Never again. At least never again sober. JM - Oregon

I'll never forget one night we decided to take the boat over to the Turtle Club in Seabrook, TX. The upstairs karaoke bar was packed, they finally called our buddy Scott up to the mic and when he started with Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" the whole place went nuts. It was crazy, everyone was dancing and singing along! CR - Texas

Another "on the dock" story: A typical Saturday night, after a day out on the water and the libations were plentiful, as was the karaoke music. Pat singing "Baby Got Back" and the girls lined up on the dock shaking their bootays - absolutely hilarious! Oh...and scary at the same time! JJ - Virginia

I remember when we first started singing karaoke at Cindy's house! We had so much fun (and lots to drink!)and would be up until 4am. That's when we started calling it Evil Karaoke! The best was when Pat decided to do a Tom Cruise movie song medley...and he brought props and costumes to go along with every song. (Think Risky Business, Top Gun, Mission Impossible) It was too funny! CAR, Virginia


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